Sitemap - 2024 - The Algorithmic Bridge

GPT-5: A Sneak Peek at My Incoming Post

Weekly Top Picks #70

I Must Split in Two

The State of Generative AI, 2024

Weekly Top Picks #69

How to Draft a Low-Cost AGI-Proof Plan

How I Got 1,000 Paid Subscribers on Substack

Weekly Top Picks #68

My Solid Plan to Thrive as a Writer in the AI Age

Coding Is Useful But Won't Pay the Bills of Junior Developers Anymore

Weekly Top Picks #67

Science Fiction Authors Fear Their Creations

The Most Important Skill in the 21st Century

Weekly Top Picks #66

Five Truths About AI That Answer Peter Thiel’s Favorite Interview Question

The GPT-4 Generation: Why Are the Best AI Models Equally Intelligent?

My Kids Will Fancy Generative AI, I Choose to Fight It

Weekly Top Picks #65

Elon Musk-OpenAI Lawsuit Explained in 5 Mins

No One AI Model Will Rule the World

Open Letter: Substack Needs an AI Category

Weekly Top Picks #64

Google Gemini Anti-Whiteness Disaster Is a Cautionary Tale About... Gaming?

OpenAI Sora: You Can't Believe Your Eyes Anymore

All You Need to Know About Google Gemini 1.5 (Hint: It's More Important Than Sora)

Weekly Top Picks #63: OpenAI Edition

OpenAI Sora: One Step Away From The Matrix

A Starry Escape (an Attempt at Science Fiction)

5 Reasons For Altman's Bold $7 Trillion Bet

Weekly Top Picks #62

Meet Goody-2, the World's Most Responsible AI Chatbot

How Good Is Google Gemini Advanced?

How Apple Won Generative AI 17 Years Ago

Generative AI, Bullshit as a Service

Weekly Top Picks #61

The 10% Who Move the World

You Are Not Late to Artificial Intelligence

Google Is About to Overtake OpenAI

Sam Altman Says GPT-5 Will Be ‘Okay’

Weekly Top Picks #60

What You Can't Say (About AI)

Ask Me Anything 2024

Weekly Top Picks #59

Clues Say Generative AI’s Future Will Be Revealed in 2024

AI Writing Is a Race to the Bottom

Weekly Top Picks #58

OpenAI GPT Store Is Not the End of Thin-Wrapper GPT Startups

What Happened to AI Ethics?

Weekly Top Picks #57

Stop Trying to Make AI Work for You

The NYT vs OpenAI Is Not Just a Legal Battle

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