Sitemap - 2023 - The Algorithmic Bridge

You Are Killing Your Greatest Ideas

The Algorithmic Bridge 2023 in 60 Memorable Sentences

God Is Dead So They Are Building a New One

AI Models Are Tragic Slaves of Their Sublime Predictive Accuracy

Top 7 AI Predictions for 2024

Weekly Top Picks #56

Why Nothing Is a ‘ChatGPT Killer’

How to Survive as a Human Creator in the AI Era

Weekly Top Picks #55

Why Are People Bashing Google Gemini if It’s Better Than GPT-4?

The Best AI Model in the World: Google DeepMind's Gemini Has Surpassed GPT-4

Weekly Top Picks #54

Premium AMA: 1,000 Paid Subscribers

One Year of ChatGPT: These Six Tendencies Have Been Quietly Shaping the Future of AI (PART 2)

One Year of ChatGPT: These Six Tendencies Have Been Quietly Shaping the Future of AI

What You're Feeling Is Shiny Object Syndrome

Weekly Top Picks #53

10 Controversial Things I Believe About AI That I Shouldn't Say Out Loud

Making Sense of OpenAI, Sam Altman and the Non-profit Board on Their Hardest Days

Three Interesting Predictions on How the OpenAI Crisis Will Impact the Future of AI

The OpenAI Drama Confirms an Open Secret That Finally Defeats the AGI Dream

This Subtle but Fundamental Conflict Made OpenAI Break Up With Sam Altman

Why OpenAI Fired Sam Altman — And What Happens Next in the AI World

While AI Companies Promise Heaven, Underage Workers Are Training Their Models

Here's Why We Are Living During the Most Beautifully Balanced Era for Humans and AIs

Weekly Top Picks #52

Want to Ensure AI Never Threatens Humanity? Make It Be Good

Here's Why People Will Never Care About AI Risk

Sam Altman's Hidden Message at OpenAI DevDay Keynote

Weekly Top Picks #51

Fear Wins

Do You Want Artificial General Intelligence?

Weekly Top Picks #50

The One AI Skill That Worries Sam Altman More Than Intelligence

The Most Important Skill in the 21st Century

Weekly Top Picks #49

Forget About AI Girlfriends. Here’s What the Future of Human-AI Relationships Looks Like

Appendix to The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

Weekly Top Picks #48

TAB is almost a Top-30 in the tech category. Ask me anything

It’s Time We Move On From Chatbots

Weekly Top Picks #47

Economist Tyler Cowen Explains Why AI Won’t Be the Revolution We Expect

In Defense of AI Writing From a Writer Who Doesn't AI-Write

Weekly Top Picks #46

AGI Has Been Achieved Internally

Perhaps AI Is Modern Alchemy. And That’s Not a Bad Thing

Weekly Top Picks #45

How Google Plans to Crush OpenAI Before 2023 Ends

OpenAI Has Just Killed Prompt Engineering With DALL-E 3

Weekly Top Picks #44

Why AI Can't Make Human Creativity Obsolete

The Full Weight of the Law Looms Over OpenAI

Weekly Top Picks #43

What No One Outside OpenAI Can Really Understand About OpenAI

ChatGPT's Remarkable Success Raised the Bar Too High for Everyone—Even OpenAI Itself

Weekly Top Picks #42

OpenAI Is the Undisputed King of AI. These Five Forces Could Take It Down Anyway

ChatGPT Would Vote Democrat, New Study Finds—But It's Full of Flaws

Weekly Top Picks #41

AI Companies Have Exhausted Human-Made Data. They're Now Using AI to Make More

ChatGPT Killed the Old AI. Now Everyone Is Rushing to Build a New One

Weekly Top Picks #40

Summer Special Offer: TAB is 30% Off Until September 14th

The GPU Shortage Has Forced AI Companies to Take a Break That Could Last Until 2024

The LK-99 Superconductor Buzz Has Exposed the Trap of the Generative AI Revolution

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ChatGPT Is the Perfect Creative Machine—Except For One Big Little Thing

3 Powerful Strategies (Other Than AI Detectors) That Teachers Can Adopt to Adapt to Generative AI

What You May Have Missed #38

There's No AI Race: Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic Were Always on the Same Team

The AI-Generated Education Issue That No One Detected (Double Pun Intended)

What You May Have Missed #37

If You Want to Master Generative AI, Ignore All (But Two) Tools

How Smart Is AI, Really? (Or: Why xAI May Be Good News)

What You May Have Missed #36

15,000 Subs AMA From the Woods

ChatGPT: A Bullshit Tool For Bullshit Jobs

What You May Have Missed #35

Google DeepMind’s Response to ChatGPT Could Be the Most Important AI Breakthrough Ever

3 Endings More Poetic Than AI Wiping Us Out

What You May Have Missed #34

How the Great AI Flood Could Kill the Internet

All ChatGPT Users Are AI Psychologists

What You May Have Missed #33

GPT-4's Secret Has Been Revealed

ChatGPT Helped Him Say Goodbye to His Mom

What You May Have Missed #32

The Algorithmic Bridge: Year One

ChatGPT Will *Always* Make Stuff Up—What Can We Do About It?

What You May Have Missed #31

Open Thread: One Year of The Algorithmic Bridge!

A Non-Cynical Reading of AI Risk Letters

What You May Have Missed #30

Generative AI Is a Net Loss for Workers

Open Source AI Is Not Winning—Incumbents Are

What You May Have Missed #29

Demystifying Generative AI in 10 Short Essays

Superintelligence: OpenAI Says We Have 10 Years to Prepare

What You May Have Missed #28

OpenAI Rushed Up the Ladder It Is Now Kicking Away

Why No One Wants AI Ethics Anymore

What You May Have Missed #27

If You Only Learn One Historical Fact About AI, Let It Be This One

(M)ending the World

What You May Have Missed #26

The Missing Piece in Geoffrey Hinton's Newfound Fear of AI Existential Risk

Why I (Don't Use ChatGPT to) Write

What You May Have Missed #25

How to Stop AI FOMO

Size Doesn't Matter

A Bull, a Rose, a Tempest

No Writer Is Safe From AI

ChatGPT: Eraser of the Implausible

What You May Have Missed #24

How to Remain Human in the Age of AI

AI Can’t Benefit All of Humanity

What You May Have Missed #23

Why the FLI Open Letter Won't Work

Schrödinger's AGI

Ask Me Anything (AMA): 10,000 Subscribers!

How OpenAI Fooled Us All

GPT-4: The Bitterer Lesson

What You May Have Missed #22

The World Must Reconcile AI Skepticism and AI Optimism

GPT-4 in 10 Keys

What You May Have Missed #21

Who's to Blame for AI-Generated Harm—Users or Companies?

3 Prompt Engineering Lessons You Must Know

What You May Have Missed #20

On the Dangers of Overused AI Metaphors

Learn To Master Prompt Engineering With This Singular (Triple) Framework

What You May Have Missed #19

Prompt Engineering Is Probably More Important Than You Think

Why Bing Chat Is the Most Important Failure in AI History

What You May Have Missed #18

Google vs Microsoft (Part 3): A New Way of Doing—and Experiencing—AI

Google vs Microsoft (Part 2): Google's Bard May Prove Everyone Wrong

Google vs Microsoft (Part 1): Microsoft’s New Bing Is a Paradigm Change for Search and the Browser

Why Generative AI Angers Artists but Not Writers

What You May Have Missed #17

Thread #8: Ask Me Anything (AMA)

5 Practical Applications Where ChatGPT Shines

What You May Have Missed #16

Why I Don't Buy the 'ChatGPT = Calculator for Writing' Analogy

AI Influencers From the Post-ChatGPT Era

What You May Have Missed #15

DeepMind's Sparrow vs OpenAI's ChatGPT

GPT-4: A Viral Case of AI Misinformation

What You May Have Missed #14

4 Optimistic Takes on the Future of AI

ChatGPT and the Future (Present) We're Facing

What You May Have Missed #13

Microsoft vs Google: Will Language Models Overtake Search Engines?

How AI Can Help With the Loneliness Epidemic