Nov 30, 2023Liked by Alberto Romero

Great analysis. Most things are blown out of proportion these days. The ability to diagnose signal within all the noise is critical.

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Whatever the coming parade of shiny new objects might contain, one way to predict what's coming is to ask... What do humans want? Or, to narrow the lens a bit, what do humans want enough that they're willing to pay to get it?

This prediction method flips the script and approaches prediction from the human side instead of the AI industry side. It's imprecise, and won't tell us what feature will be released on what date. But if we're trying to take a longer view, asking what humans want seems a good place to start.

There's nothing too new in this suggestion, it's basically what business people do all they time when they're trying to gauge market demand. The question is less "what can we make" and more "what will they buy"?

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