I really like your articles which are both very concrete, anchored in reality, and very reflective. You manage to juggle two seemingly opposite skills: to keep a lucid distance, while absorbing and popularizing major innovations that follow one another at breakneck speed.

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Sep 7, 2022Liked by Alberto Romero

Here is something I want to know more about: what is happening with AI in customer service and

technical support? For example, right now the pages presenting products are highly summarized. If you want to know more you have to get in touch with the vendors and perhaps even the manufacturers, one at a time, over periods of time. And you have to deal with morons who give you boilerplate that has nothing at all to do with your interest. It would be great if, when you wanted to know about properties that are not in the summary, you could just type a question about those properties into Google, which would then do a deep dive into all the information available about all the products that relate to your issue. Right now that is impossible -- the false positives would kill us. But sooner or later the technology will get there. When it does you will be able to narrow your interests from the outputs interactively. You will be able to have a useful conversation with the search engine. Will that be great or what?

This is an obvious application. But it has been an obvious application for years. But so far nothing. What is going on??

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AI art is a cool topic! I'm excited to see what new sorts of expression/movements may emerge from it, as opposed to emulation of past movements/genre/expressions.

On other topics- I'm most curious to understand how this technology could be / is being applied to change the way other forms of work are being done, e.g. WithPoly.com creating an alternative to design asset databases.

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