Thanks for this important piece. I'll fess up, I was one of the people spreading this specific "nugget" of information, potentially after first coming across your earlier piece and then seeing it shared so often in infographic form elsewhere.

I have now gone through three of my past posts discussing GPT-4 to update them accordingly!

Also, I noticed you've added "Why Try AI?" to your list of recommendations. I'm truly humbled. Thank you for putting my dilettante-level blog on your radar. I appreciate it!

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Jan 18, 2023Liked by Alberto Romero

Refreshing candor and integrity.

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Jan 20, 2023Liked by Alberto Romero

Thank you.

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Jan 19, 2023Liked by Alberto Romero

Thank you for honesty and integrity! Very rare nowadays.

Can I ask a rather backstage question - what's the role of GPT or GPT-like tools in your writing process? Do you use them, or not at all? And if yes - how?

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