Nov 29, 2022Liked by Alberto Romero

Romero said, "The writers in the workshop unanimously agreed that AI-powered writing won’t replace writers anytime soon."

But isn't it inevitable that AI will replace writers at some point? I don't claim to know when, but isn't it likely to happen sooner than we expect? So, writers all over the Net are very enthusiastically writing about tools that will, sooner or later, put them all out of business. Has it occurred to AI programmers yet that AI will put them out of business too? Intellectual elites??

It looks to me that there are major denial defense mechanisms at play here all across the intellectual world. As a follow on to Don't Look Up, the next movie should be Don't Look At The Code.

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Nov 10, 2022Liked by Alberto Romero

"Here's an interesting writing tool -- but you can't use it."

Gee thanks, Google. NOT.

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Very interesting. I’d just love a perfect one click copy editor and proofreader. Fix it all instantly and perfectly. That’s the dream. Sorry human editors.

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